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Stay Wild

Human life is very fragile. When man started life in the African jungle there was no running water, shops, proper housing or any of the things that we are accustomed to these days. You were exposed to the elements. You had to find shelter and food … etc You could lose your life in seconds. You had to be alert as if you weren’t you could be attacked by a wild animal. You were always in danger and at the mercy of the elements.

These days the most dangerous thing that you do every day is drive your car. Most people can’t survive without civilisation. They have lost their wild side. If you are ever lost or get caught in a jungle or forest or get stuck hiking while travelling how will you survive? It is unlikely to happen however it does happen sometimes.

In the same way, we educate ourselves in the modern world to get better jobs and advance our careers we need to stay wild and learn survival skills. Go on a camping trip catch fish for food. Go do a survival course or watch Bear Grills. Learn how to build a shelter, learn how to start a campfire without matches to stay warm. These skills could save your life one day.

The other most important element is to never ever give up. Keep going till you are rescued. If you are not mentally strong you will not survive.

It is easy for me to say this as I have not been in many life-threatening situations however my grandpa survived world war II. He ate grass for many months and didn’t have proper food or shelter. He had to bury himself in the frozen earth to stay warm. He watched his men die next to him. One moment they were there then the next they were gone. I have great respect for people like that. I would not know what I would do in these circumstances however these days we have different challenges.

Viktor Frankl in his book Man’s Search For Meaning told the story of why some men lived through the Holocaust and some didn’t. The ones that lived were mentally strong they had something to live for in addition they created their own optimism. When they ate their soup if they got an extra pea they would get excited. We must learn to see the beauty and excitement in the worse moments. This is what will keep us mentally strong to survive the hard times. It does not really matter what is happening on the outside as long as you have the inside sorted out. When I say inside I mean your thoughts.

I read about a woman who survived 11 days in the amazonian jungle after her plane crashed on Christmas Eve in 1971. Her seat fell 3kms to the ground as the plane disintegrated. She had a broken collar bone and managed to walk along the river until she was found by some fishermen. She lost her mum and was the sole survivor.

Don’t underestimate the elements or what could happen. People get upset if a flight is being delayed for 8 hrs. It is like the end of the world. In the old days, people used to get on a boat. A 100 would leave then only 60 would make it. A delayed flight is not a big deal.

Remember to stay wild and as you educate your mind in the modern world learn how to survive. You never know that Bear Grills episode you watched might save your life …

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