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About me

Hello! I am HassMan (Joseph Hass). If my name was Jack I would have changed it for obvious reasons. I am a wannabe !!! ha ha Can you Keep Up .. 😉


Intense, passionate, determined with strong loose morals and standards. Easy on the eye, an adventure lover, creative with a vivid imagination, and never say never, because everything is possible !!!


I have a face of a 28, a brain of a 44 and a body of a 28 year old. I live in the land down under “the arse of the world” and I love it. My new adventure is blogging so I guess that makes me a wannabe blogger.


I will share my experiences, adventures and thoughts with you. Some of it will be food for thought and some of it will be chewing gum for the brain. I will only guarantee one thing the stories will be entertaining and some will be beneficial, well maybe … On second thought there are no guarantees … Cheeky smile … who knows ??? Lets just wait and see …