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A while back when I was looking for a job I had a five-page RESUME/CV with all the work that I had done over the years. It was a detailed and neat resume accompanied by a detailed cover letter showing my skills. I was not getting much success with this setup. I didn’t think much about it.

One day when I was selling some wood that I had cut I met this lovely couple, Peter and Jane who were interested in buying the wood since it was at a bargain price. We started talking. They had a cleaning business with no web presence. I ended up designing a website for their business based on their requirements after explaining how important it is to have a website in this modern age. The website was a success. They have been getting lots of clients through it. You can check it out Shine Home Cleaning Services.

Peter used to do recruiting before starting his own business. He told me that if your resume is longer than one or two pages it will get chucked in the bin. I told him that mine was five pages. He said that is bad. He advised I should make it one or two pages maximum. I started scratching my head and thinking to myself how am I going to reduce the five-page resume to one or two pages???  I thought that would be impossible. I would be selling myself short.

After a little more thought and reading a quote that said IMPOSSIBLE is “I’M POSSIBLE” so even the word is telling me that it is possible. The resume ended up looking like a webpage then was converted to a PDF. It was a one page resume to my surprise. The amazing thing is that the one-page resume still had all the details that were included in the five-page resume. It was the creative layout of data that made it possible. If I wanted to add extra information related to a specific job I was applying for that was not in the resume I would add it to the cover letter.

When I applied for my next job I ended up getting it. My new boss told me I had the best resume that he had ever seen. It summarised my skills. He could see what I had done at a glance.

A few friends of mine saw my new resume. They liked the style and wanted one for themselves. I can do one for you too. You can check it out here. It costs $500. You will also get a matching style cover letter as a bonus for FREE. Any future edits are $100. However, you need to supply a photo and the text for both the resume and the cover letter. The text for the resume and cover letter must fit on one separate page for each.

Check out my resume here and order yours now.

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  • Lesley
    Posted at 18:40h, 16 November

    Thanks for helping me with my resume. I went for an interview and when I rocked up they recognised me from the photo on my resume. This is amazing.

  • Vicky
    Posted at 11:58h, 13 July

    This is great. Thank you for my new resume. I love it and it helped me land a new job.

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