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In Australia, we have something called R U OK? Day where we ask each other a simple question “Are you OK?”. This year I got asked that question by a group of mates via a text message. We all shared what we were going through. I then asked the same question of a few others and shared my answer with them. When they read it they said, “You need to add this to your blog”. So first I would like to ask you “Are you OK?”

Here is my answer.

Hey Gang!

Thank you for sharing. I’m OK, just really run down and tired due to too much work, lost $$ on my new business venture. I am also still waiting on lots of paperwork to happen for the property so I can start the demolition to build the new house.

I’m thinking of myself as just an ordinary guy, nothing special. I realised that the most important things in life are the simple things, like talking to a mate over a drink or connecting with someone. These are the things that count. This might sound negative. In reality, it is not. It just removes all the pressure that we put on ourselves.

After 10 years of meditating in a cave (joking), I realised that all this personal development stuff just changes your perspective on things. In reality, nothing changes except your perspective or the way you see things which gives you the freedom to make changes. That is what the transformation is. It is seeing an issue or a problem from another perspective. Stress is just a state of mind, so stop doing it. Harsh, I know, however it is true. Just ask yourself “What can I do right now to address what is causing me stress?” A decision and an action will get you over the stress. That is why people say “I just signed up for a personal development seminar and things are looking better already”, because there was a decision followed by an action.

If you think of pain and pleasure and ask someone to describe the characteristics of pain you will find that they are the same as pleasure. They will say it is intense and I feel it in a specific area. The only difference is that pain is pleasure without resistance. That is why when you focus on pain fully, it goes away or it is lessened because there is no resistance. That is why your headache was gone when you described it and gave the pain a rating out of 10. You can’t fully focus on something and still have it affect you because you are fully experiencing it. This is all WO WO stuff. If you think about it, it does make sense. Thank you again for reading and sharing. Have a lovely night … 😍

I hope you found this of benefit.

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  • HassMan
    Posted at 19:39h, 23 March


  • Micha
    Posted at 19:00h, 20 March

    Exactly what I needed, thanks for posting.

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