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I’m Gay from the UK

What is the most adventurous thing that you have ever done? That is normally a question I ask new people I meet for the first time to see if they are adventurous and at what level.

I found that adventure means different things to different people. For me adventure means getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things, meeting new people, travelling to new places in addition to the adrenaline-pumping activities like motorbike riding, jumping out of planes, surfing … etc 😉

I have done so many crazy things but this would have to be the most adventurous.

Once upon a time when I was 17 or 18 years old, I went travelling… I ended up in Egypt for 5 years while travelling to other places. I fell in love with the red sea that is why I stayed. People normally fall in love with the Pharaohs and ancient Egypt but not me … well, I did but I love the sea more … 😉 My favourite spot is called Dahab. It means gold in Arabic. I’ll tell you why it’s called gold. Well, there are pebbles on the beach instead of sand in some parts when you step on them with your bare feet they make the most amazing sound. And the feeling of the warmth of them on your feet umm. When the sun hits the water it looks like there are gold chains at the bottom on the pebbles due to the reflection of the sun on the water. The first thing you want to do is dive in and get that gold.

However, this article is not about adventure. It is about what happened to me while travelling on planes at different airports and stops along the way. My first flight was to Bangkok as it was a stop on the way to Egypt. I used to watch a lot of Jean Claude Van-Damme good time movies when I was younger. There were always these creepy guys with knife cuts in his movies. I had 3 sitting behind me on this flight. They freaked me out a little. I think they might have sensed it as well. When we got off the plane it felt like they were following me. They were right behind me. They might have been messing with me a little now that I think about it. It made me a little nervous that I dropped my passport. Lucky someone saw me, got the passport and gave it to me after I dropped it.

On the second flight to Egypt, I sat next to this African lady with a baby. The baby would not stop crying. I think she might have needed a break. She put the baby on my lap while she went to the bathroom. She was gone for 1/2 hr. The passengers were looking at me as if to say do something to stop the crying baby.

On the way to Bulgaria, I was sitting at the back of the plane. All I could hear was the engine. It felt like I was on a train and not on a plane.

On the way back from Egypt the first stop was Malaysia. We were stopping there for 2 or 3 nights. I met two guys on the plane Steve from the UK and Frankie from Italy.

Frankie didn’t know how to speak English. He had a little dictionary with Italian words and their meanings in English. Every time he wanted to say something it was a fun adventure for me and Steve to figure out what it was. I was the middle man sitting between these two guys on the plane. He was travelling to Adelaide to have a holiday with his cousins. We were going to fly on the same plane to Adelaide.

Since he didn’t speak good English I organised for us to sit next to each other so I could be his translator and give him a hand with anything if required.

Steve was just a regular British guy with a good sense of humour. He was travelling to Queensland after a wildlife safari experience in South Africa.

When we landed in Kuala Lumpur we were taken to the hotel. There was a mix-up in the bookings. The hotel was a room short. The receptionist advised that two of us had to stay in the same room for one night. I needed a break from Frankie. I went “hey Steve seems OK” to myself then looked at him. He smiled so I said, “It is OK we will stay in the same room for that night.”

It was a nice room with frangipani flowers drawn on the bathroom glass surrounding the shower. It had a queen-size or a king-size bed which meant that we had to sleep next to each other. Steve had his side and I had mine. I was trashed so I jumped into bed and went into a deep sleep. I felt fingers on the back of my neck so I flicked his hand off then it happened again so I flicked his hand off again saying, “Go to sleep.” After that, I felt a heavy weight on my thigh. It was his thigh on top of mine. This time I woke up then flicked him off me.

Hass: WTF dude?

Steve: Have you ever had gay thoughts?

Hass: Again WTF? No bro I have not had gay thoughts.

Steve: I’m a member of a gay club. I thought you would like to experiment with something new.

Hass: No thanks bro. It is not for me. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)

I packed what was out of my bag then left after that. Lucky it was around 5 am. I went had something to eat then organised my own room. There was a free room by then.

Spent the second day by the pool with Frankie before our flight back to Adelaide.

If I think about this today and that is a big IF, it would be Brad Pitt, 2 million dollars and I would be the pin but NEVER the cushion. Who would it be for you if you’d consider it? …

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  • HassMan
    Posted at 19:56h, 12 June

    Thank you for the kind words … 😉

  • Tami swanson
    Posted at 10:37h, 12 June

    I love your mind. Your words could make any great woman fall in love with u

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